In election campaigning period, WAR ROOM is most important. It’s the place where we focus on all the activities going on in the constituency from all the political parties, candidates and accordingly plan the strategy for the future. To setup a WAR ROOM, we need computers, networking, data analyst, hardware engineers, and staff to work on it. We help candidate to arrange everything in their desired premises.
There are three basic kinds of war rooms in political campaigns. This is based on our experience, so it may differ for state or local races:

This is a set-up where you have the core decision-makers for a campaign working in one room or in close proximity. This allows the campaign to make decisions and act quickly when they see a threat or opportunity.

In a media-monitoring war room, you typically have a room with intern-level staff watching, capturing and alerting to staff all media activity. This stream of information is typically followed by a dedicated member of the communications staff, often the Rapid Response team who then act to shape media coverage and the campaign message.

On Election Day, the action shifts to get-out-the-vote, and the canter for monitoring this is the election-day war room. This is typically run by the Political Director of the campaign, and is composed of the regional political directors in charge of different swing regions. The goal here is to get an early sense of the votes and devote resources through election day in different directions as needed. Each constituency has vote targets, and meeting all targets is how you win.

The commonality to all three is that they are essentially about information mobility. War rooms are catalysts for decision-making, and they do this by getting information to the people who need it in real time or by having the decision-makers convened to facilitate action.

-The task of this team is to continuously check opponents each online activity and make revert reactions.

-Monitoring hour by hour movement of client’s campaigns.

-Make Strategies to enhance productivity regularly.

We will train the Basta holders also together with booth agents and make them completely aware of poling system- from mock pool to EVM sealing. We will make available Basta also together with it’s complete contents.

Our goal is to create something you’re proud of and that helps your elections because we are living in the age of connectivity, and that means more things than ever before are right at your fingertips — literally. With one press of the button, one swipe left or right, you can open up new worlds in seconds. 

The young generation is highly active on social media, to pursue the voters you need various political campaign strategies that attract them, we have experience in this area, so we can put  the best efforts.
Manage online reputation of candidate
Reach wider voting audience through our robust campaign techniques.
Get feedback for voters about candidate that help in your political Rally's.
Management and updating of all your event’s and Jan Sampark for better virtual Interaction. *Handle all of your customers feedbacks and try to convince voters, why you choose this candidate.

Election Management Software, For Report etc...
Booth Wise Report, Surname Wise Report,
Caste Wise Report, Age wise Report etc...)
And Android Application Provide etc...
(E.G All Booth Master Application, One Booth Wise Application) Per Assembly

Social Media has come up as an important tool of communication and brand creation. There are four basic ideas that drive social media engagement – ‘Ideation & Creation’, ‘Interaction’, ‘Analysis’ and ‘Propagation’. 
Political Social Media engagement works with the larger aim to create a channel for a political leader to interact with his constituents and followers. We aim to use Social Media as a modern means to generate a dedicated following for a political leader as well as to use it as a ‘Jansampark Tool’. It can thus be used by a political leader as a two way conversation tool, a grievance redress platform or even as a political campaign platform to reach to the online public.

Face book & Twitter are currently the primary social media platforms that reach out to most number of voters & influencers. However Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and other social media websites are also there to varied extents.

*Make you more visible on google as well as social media

*Create portfolio website and maintain with latest content optimization techniques.

* Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. running in your constituency.

* Promote your each post within less span of time.

* Continuously try to reach to voters with re*marketing techniques.

* Arrange our online live chat session to build your online reputation and then make it viral in your constituency.

1. Remove your bad reviews online

2. If you have website online then update all content for faster ranking in all major search engines.

3. Highly appealing caption for your all rallies and social media posts.

An SMS is an effective campaign strategy that connects thousands of people in one SMS. Our creative team works on putting the best content into the SMS that attracts the receivers. Thus your message will be delivered. Which helps in engaging with the voters. We shoot Bulk Text Messages to audience.

Our missed call alert service enables you to reach potential voters to connect your workplace in order to boost your election campaign.
Our missed call alert service enables operators to provide administrators with an ease to use call logging and notification system

Call will be sent by any number of your choice.
Call will be send to all number DND/non DND.
Delivery report will be provided.

In the call canter the job will be performed by skilled and professional staff having good experience in this field.
*Timing 10AM to 6PM
*Daily reports & Complaint generated.

Whatsapp is a popular application, so now we can use it in our effective political campaign strategies. Whatsapp currently has more than 1.5 billion active users every month, where India is on the top. People have become an overnight sensation because of Whatsapp in India, so why not add it to election campaign ideas? In our election campaign management strategies, we use WhatsApp on a larger scale to promote various products and services, so we know exactly what people share and how we can reach those people in a short time.

Content marketing has flared up in the brand world over the past few years and is now a centrepiece of the modern marketing because it helps them to cultivate relatable profile, personalities and build trust. In this era, just as brands need to attract, engage and win over consumers, so do political candidates need to charm and captivate voters. In this we develop Candidate Speech, Slogans customized to your need, one liners, Info graphic data used to do veiling on social media platforms like WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, etc. We have dedicated team of content writers who have long experience of political writing. We also have expertise in blog writing and share it on right platform which ultimately gives political gain to you. In this we look into your requirement based on our research and then tilt in direction which gives to upper hand over your rival.

For an individual constituency, we propose a detailed Baseline Research before the Election to understand the current political scenario and strategize for the Loksabha elections. The baseline research is made up of three components detailed below. We propose to segment the constituency (normally between 1500 
-1800 polling booths) in a way that we come up with 500-700 areas. This can be done by taking Panchayat/Ward, or Village/locality, or Polling Stations as our unit area to do the research. This will be helpful in utilizing and implementing the output from the research.

It is imperative for a candidate to understand the current mood of the common voters in the constituency. We analyse this mood accurately using a customized personal opinion poll model where a set of 12-14 questions are asked face to face to a chosen sample of the population on each unit area. The sample chosen (30 respondents per unit area) is segmented according to the caste equation, age and economic strata of the booth. All details like the Name, Age, Gender, Caste, Occupation, Mobile Number, etc., of the respondents would be recorded to help in data analysis and look for trends based on caste, age, occupation etc. 
The questionnaire for this exercise will focus on the following parameters: 
Public perception about the Central and State Governments 
Public perception about the local MP and MLA 
Party preference of the voters 
Best candidates and their strength 
Caste, Age and Area wise preference and trends
SWING and SWOT Analysis
Activeness of party cadres
Change in voter preferences in case certain individuals contest elections as independents
Change in voter preference in case of an alliance

This study will cover every unit area of the constituency and within the unit area 3-4 
focus group discussions would be carried out to understand the following - Party Network 
Identification of influential people of each party at the booth level 
Identification of other socially influential people 
Compiling a database of their names, caste, age, occupation and contact 
Issues & Development 
Issues which matter the most to the constituents and can have an impact on electoral results 
Development work done in the polling booth along with the person to whom the 
credit for the same is being given 
Subjective Inputs 
Major vote influencers in the area 
Dynamics of different factions within a party 
Trend of voting for major castes 
Inputs related to local body and other smaller elections 
Comparison of all prospective candidates image in terms of popularity, 
jansampark, participation in development activities 
Comparison between parties based on the level of activity and necessity for the area 
Action Points
Points on which the candidate should work to potentially increase his vote share by a couple of percent points
These will include development issues, party network issues and other politically relevant issues.

This exercise is done by speaking to politically and socially active workers in the unit area. Multiple such people are spoken to and an estimate of the caste equation is arrived upon. The accuracy of the caste equation determined by this method is around 90%. The caste equation is used to keep track of the opinion poll conducted. 
The outcomes of a complete Baseline Research will be as below: 
Unit Area Level Profile which will include caste equation, issues – political and developmental, work done, as well as a subjective assessment of the political situation. 
Database of active party workers (from all parties) and around Opinion Poll respondents from each assembly, along with their Age, Gender, Caste, Occupation, and Mobile Numbers etc. will be collected.
SWOT Analysis at the unit area level, indicating strong, weak, opportunity, and threat areas. 
Unit Area level actionable micro strategies to enhance vote share. 
Voting trends with respect to Caste, Occupation, Age, and their combinations at the Assembly and block levels. 
In addition to this, scenario analysis depending on the change in opponents or coalitions will also be done in cases where it is applicable.

An overall report for each of the assembly segments, capturing key insights will be presented at the end of the project detailing caste voting trends, comparative analysis of images of various leaders and parties and the list of areas along with their SWOT score. This will be further broken down to the block level and similar trends and analysis will be provided. This report will also list out the future strategy for ensuring increased vote share in the next general elections. All the outcomes mentioned in the previous section will be covered in detail. For each unit area of the constituency, a two/three-page summary report is also provided as an annexure to the main report.

We are capable of providing a large number of fully trained and experienced self help workers and volunteers on demand to support and facilitate the leader for booth management, meeting management and election campaign.

Nukkad natak is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in out door public spaces without a specific paying audience.
Nukkad natak locations can we anywhere, including shopping centres, parking, recreational reserves, colleges or university campus and street corners. 
They are specially seen in outdoor spaces where there are large numbers of people.
No permission required for Nukkad Natak because loud speakers are not used.
There will be five to six Nukkad Natak presented every day.
Documentary Movie & Jingle
We prepare and provide Election related documentaries and jingle songs to strengthen the campaign.

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression; and that is why we offer exemplary event planning, management and marketing for your Corporate 
Events, Sports Events, Marketing Events, Conferences, Exhibitions, Consumer Shows, Product Launches, On Ground Engagement activities, etc.

We create a high level of awareness, hype and the right noise for every rupee which our clients invest in their OOH plans. We offer our clients a well thought media strategy and plan that includes smart buys and outdoor specific layouts. In addition, our clients can count on fast and accurate execution, monitoring and post campaign evaluation, as part of our solution.

LED Video Van for Elections Reach your voters with Hi tech, GPS enabled, Live Streaming capable LED Video Van. Contact for Election Campaigns and Discount. Services available in all assembly constituencies in Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Haryana and Delhi. 6X8 LED Video Van for Election Campaigns 12X8 LED Video Vans for Election Campaigns.

India Love Cinema, and your voter too. Reach all your target voters through cinema advertising. Contact today for: Still ad in movie Video ad in movie Cinema branding and other election campaign related requirement.

Flag, Caps, Wristband, Paper / PVC GandhiTopi, T-Shirts (With Logo Print), 3D Mobile Stickers, Posters, Stickers, Keychains, Muflar etc.